Meet Daniel: MWM’s New Chief Product Engineering Officer

Meet Daniel: MWM’s New Chief Product Engineering Officer

We warmly welcome Daniel to MWM as our new Chief Product Engineering Officer. With a diverse background in the tech industry, from software engineering to venture capitalism, he's uniquely equipped to lead our mobile and product teams forward. But there's more to Daniel than just his professional achievements. He values the essence of teamwork and has a keen eye for recognizing the talent that thrives within MWM. Explore with us how Daniel’s values align with MWM and his vision and perspectives he brings to MWM’s future.

1. Can you share a brief overview of your professional journey leading up to this role as CPEO?

I’m a software engineer by training. Over the past seventeen years, I’ve managed engineering and product teams, sold software solutions, started companies, helped founders raise venture capital, consulted with hundreds of organisations and trained over 2,000 technology professionals 😅 Since 2020, and until I joined MWM full time, I was an advisor to series B+ tech startups, specialised in helping them build high-performing product & engineering teams.

2. Your journey at MWM started a long time ago, why did you decide join us full time?

The journey indeed started a long time ago! My first management training session with MWM was in January 2021, and we’ve been working on and off since then. All those interactions made me better understand the company, the humans behind it and their “crazy” ambitions.

MWM is unique in the industry in its position of being an app galaxy builder with a considerable number of products to develop and maintain. I couldn’t resist the challenge of scaling the MWM “product factory” while being on the verge of new technologies, especially generative AI. Oh, and the team is brilliant 🤩

3. What do you believe sets our products apart, and how do you plan to elevate that uniqueness?

I shouldn’t say it, but the MWM secret sauce is our ability to create products with cutting-edge technology inside that are so simple to use that it feels like magic 🤫 Since joining MWM, I really understood how vital good design is in our product development process.

My job is to scale our ability to make advanced tech feel like magic so that we can build more awesome apps and enable even more people on the planet to unlock their potential. To do so, the product engineering’s mission will be to build very quickly, with a high level of quality, applications that achieve high user engagement. So, I plan to focus on those three pillars of product engineering: quality, velocity and impact.

4. How do you see our company's values aligning with your personal and professional principles?

Since graduating from engineering school, I’ve always been more fascinated by how you can use technology instead of how it works. That’s why I recognise myself a lot with MWM’s belief that technology should be an enabler, empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Also, I’m completely aligned with MWM’s “madness” spirit 😄 I’ve personally made some crazy bets throughout my career, like launching a startup accelerator when startups weren’t cool yet (yes, I’m that old) or creating online management courses just for software engineers. I definitely feel at home with so many unconventional thinkers.

5. Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies or interests?

Outside of work, my priority is spending time with my family ☺️ I have a wonderful three-year-old daughter who loves asking questions and an incredible wife, a designer and entrepreneur, with whom I share many interests. We love strolling around in parks, travelling, gastronomy and discovering exciting new museums. I dedicate my alone time to reading and learning new things. I’m a non-fiction kind of person, but I try to slip in a novel from time to time 🤓

6. What would you like to say to the teams you'll be leading and working closely with?

Firstly, I’m incredibly humbled to work with so many talented individuals. Having worked with many tech companies, I can testify that MWM has an extraordinary concentration of talent.

Second, I’m confident that together, with the proper focus and discipline, we can achieve much more than we think possible. Talented individuals can only go so far, I know something about it, but when we truly work together towards a common goal, the magic happens.

Third, and lastly, I’m confident this is the beginning of a new chapter from MWM, where we’ll become the tech giant we always wanted to be.

7. As we look ahead, what’s one significant impact or change you hope to achieve in your role as CPEO at MWM?

Create an environment where we manage to launch applications with such a high level of quality, velocity and impact that talents worldwide would fight to work for us. But it starts by cultivating high standards and a sense of pride in what we do within our current team. These slight changes may be insignificant individually but create completely different team dynamics altogether.