Partner Spotlight: The Riveo Story with app developer, Marcus Eckert


Partner Spotlight: The Riveo Story with app developer, Marcus Eckert

In our chat today, we’re catching up with Marcus Eckert who created Riveo. This innovative platform uses AI with intuitive video editing tools to transform ordinary videos into viral hits. Whether you're using your iPhone or professional equipment, Riveo is all you need to make high-quality videos. Let’s get to know more about Marcus, his creation process, and what Riveo is all about.

Q: Tell us about your journey to becoming an app developer

My journey started in journalism but took an unexpected turn toward motion design. It began as a hobby and gradually turned into creating app explainer videos professionally.

I noticed a contrast though — the dynamic nature of my videos often overshadowed the static apps I was creating them for. An unsatisfactory client experience inspired me to dive into coding, which led to the creation of my first game, Wide Sky. That was the turning point, marking my full transition from motion design to app development.

Q: What prompted the birth of Riveo?

When the pandemic started, I suddenly had more time on my hands. I decided to tap into my passion and skills for graphics and animations and explore something new. That’s when I thought of creating an app integrating After Effects with my motion design sensibilities. And that’s how Riveo was born.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced while developing Riveo?

Keeping the app functioning continually has been the greatest challenge. It’s like keeping a top spinning — it requires ongoing effort.

Q: How do you balance user needs with your vision for Riveo?

I believe users’ expectations are often shaped by their exposure to existing apps and concepts. I try to expand their perspective, to show them what else is possible. However, I first define my vision, and once that’s established, I refine the app based on the feedback received.

Q: How has user feedback driven Riveo’s evolution?

Since its launch, Riveo has evolved significantly with more features, better testing, and greater resilience. User feedback has been instrumental in streamlining workflows, especially around retiming and reversing video clips. I’ve also added some effects requested by users and improved localization.

Why did you choose to work with MWM?

Working with MWM was a strategic decision to supplement my skills. As a solo developer, there were aspects of product maintenance that I found challenging. MWM brings its expertise in marketing and media apps, providing a fresh perspective and helping to identify and fix potential issues.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring app developers?

My advice is to pace yourself. Balancing motivation and maintaining a life outside of programming leads not only to better products but also to a healthier life. My mantra is — “Don’t go for first, go for best.”

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