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Push the next frontiers of technology.
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Ever found yourself brimming with mad ideas? At MWM, we don’t just welcome, we celebrate such 'madness'. Join us, let's explore the infinite potential together.

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Ever found yourself brimming with mad ideas? At MWM, we don’t just welcome, we celebrate such 'madness'. Join us, let's explore the infinite potential together.

Our exploration pursuit is powered by leading figures and innovators across industries, including Xavier Niel, French DJ Martin Solveig, BPI, Aglaé, Eurazeo, Cassius Family, HDF and Blisce.


Embrace madness

Reason n°1

Unleash Your Inner Madness

At MWM, we believe every individual possesses untapped potential. Embrace your unique madness and unlock your capabilities in a space where unconventional ideas are not just welcomed, but celebrated.

Reason n°2

Manifest Your Ideas

Here, ideas aren't just mere thoughts; they're catalysts for transformation. At MWM, you're not just allowed, but expected to turn your wildest ideas into reality. We're in the business of materializing 'mad' ideas.

Reason n°3

Craft the Magical

Our mission is to make advanced tech feel like simple magic. Be a part of this journey, where you get to create experiences that are extraordinary, enchanting, and user-centric.

Reason n°4

Be the Pioneer

Dare to push boundaries, challenge norms and venture into the unknown. At MWM, you can lead the mission with confidence, navigating uncharted territories in tech and innovation.

Reason n°5

Experience Advanced Tech

Engage with the cutting edge of technology. Work with AI, machine learning, and more, shaping the future while making tech accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Reason n°6

Being Your Authentic Self

Be yourself - that's who we're truly interested in. At MWM, you're encouraged to bring your authentic self to work, contributing to an environment where individuality is respected, diversity is embraced, and everyone is a part of the journey towards making a difference.

Make monday your favorite day

Profit Sharing


As we grow, you prosper with our annual profit-sharing plan. Immerse in the joy of our shared victories.

Saving Plans


Our group saving plans prepare you for tomorrow's adventure.

Stock options for all


You are an essential part of our mad journey, and as such you have a possibility of being awarded stocks options after one year of experience.

Swile Card


Enjoy your favourite food with Swile Card, which is essentially a meal voucher, but so much better.



Strengthen your body while we flex our creative muscles.

Relocation assistance


Join MWM adventure without worry. Our relocation assistance ensures your transition to MWM is as smooth as possible.

Company day-nursery


We embrace the family side of madness. Our company day-nursery provides a nurturing environment for your little ones.

Osteo, massage, manicure and hairdresser


Take time to recharge amidst the creative madness. Enjoy our on-site wellness services to keep your body and mind in balance.

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Unconventional minds welcome

At MWM, we see 'madness' not as chaos, but as a thriving nest for ideas that dare to disrupt and innovate. We cherish the brilliant, the audacious, the rule-breakers who color outside the lines.  Let's craft the extraordinary, together."

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