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YOUr App Success is Not an If,
But a When

When publishing with us, you're joining a league of forward-thinkers and madly creative innovators who refuse to play it safe. We're data nerds at heart, harnessing the power of analytics, artificial intelligence, and our custom-built internal tools to transform your app idea into a thrilling reality.

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Embrace 'The MWM Touch', a unique blend of audacious innovation and laser-focused execution.

Charting the uncharted territory of app scaling isn't always smooth sailing - but that's where we step in. Now, we're ready to bear the load for you. Unleash your ideas and let us handle the rest.

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Touch N°1

Product Management

Navigate the journey with seasoned pilots at the helm. Our senior product managers, with their expertise and hands-on experience, chart the course for your app's success story.

Touch N°2

App store featuring

With our exceptional ASO expertise and strong partnerships with app stores, your app isn't just another drop in the ocean—it's a beacon shining bright on the storefront,

Touch N°3

UX/UI support

We strive to create an experience that feels like magic for your users. Our design philosophy isn't about just looks—it's about weaving together beauty and functionality into a mesmerizing tapestry.

Touch N°4

Powering by Tech

Leverage our suite of AI-powered tools to take your app to new heights of efficiency and performance. With the MWM touch, your app isn't just powered—it's supercharged.

Touch N°5


Fueled by our advanced internal technology and automated processes, we turn your app into a revenue powerhouse without compromising user experience.

Touch N°6

User acquisition

We combine state-of-the-art tech, automation, and a personalized approach to attract and retain the right users for your app. With us, it's not just user acquisition—it's building a community.

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MAdly secret sauce

Well, we might as well spill the beans: no mystical ingredients or cryptic spells. Instead, it's all about ultra-precise technology and a decade of hard-earned experience. These are the secret ingredient behind MWM's publishing magic.

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Publishing SDK


A single potent SDK that merges our entire tech stack right into your pocket.

Publishing platform


Consider this your control center. It's a self-serve portal to submit your app, obtain feedback, and track your progression.

Data intelligence


A powerful in-house data platform designed to inform your product decisions. It highlights your strengths and identifies areas for improvement.

App community ecosystem


The power of a thriving, creative community loving MWM's products becomes a springboard for your app's organic success.

made with mastery

With a touch of madness that allows us to see things differently, we challenge conventions and deliver tangible results.

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Our visionary perspective and powerful metaphors inspire you to surpass expectations, and our hyperboles ignite your imagination. Experience the transformative journey that sets us apart from the rest.

Ranked as France's top app publisher, our mission is to bring groundbreaking AI-powered apps to you. We're all about exploring limitless potential - is it time you explore with us?

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