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Defining Success: How MWM Measures Impact Beyond the Metrics


Defining Success: How MWM Measures Impact Beyond the Metrics

As app publishers, we often discuss success stories. Typically, we evaluate an app's success based on industry-standard quantitative KPIs. These include the number of attempted ads, effectiveness in reducing the CPI, user download count, rising top chart position, increased retention and LTV, and of course, revenue and profit margins.

However, these quantitative measures only tell one side of the success story. We were intrigued to understand how individual teams at MWM define app success beyond these numerical metrics.

"Beyond Quantitative KPIs and top chart rankings, what defines a truly “successful” product in your opinion and why?"

MWM colleagues offered varied responses to this question, but a common thread was evident: the emphasis on user value and impact.

Apps that add value and impact lives

Paul (ASO Manager): A successful product is one that provides great value from the user’s perspective.
Remi (Chief Financial Officer): A successful product is one that is spotless, serves a purpose, and meets its audience’s needs.
Lucas (Lead Ad Monetization): The primary qualitative criteria for an app is to meet users’ need and make a positive impact on their life.
Edwin (Product Manager): A successful product is one where a user finds value or benefits so that they’re willing to pay for it.
Benjamin (Product Engineering Manager): In my opinion, a successful product is defined by its impact on people's lives and their satisfaction with it. Quantitative KPIs and top chart rankings are just consequences.

From these responses, it’s evident that if an app resonates with its target audience, offers enriching experiences, and makes a positive difference in their lives, it's considered as successful. As Benjamin mentioned, quantitative KPIs and top chart rankings are just an outcome of the team's efforts.

Lucas (Lead Ad Monetization): At MWM, we are committed to creating apps that are frictionless, bringing joy to users by fostering their creativity. I believe - and hope - that we’ll continue to build successful apps.

So, how does MWM add this value? According to Lucas, our apps unlock latent creativity, enabling users to express their uniqueness, which in turn brings immense joy.

Maureen (Customer Success Manager): The ideal mobile product acts as a bridge of connection, staying true to its original purpose of uniting people through communication and sharing. I value products that empower users to express their visions, passions, and insights, creating a world where genuine curiosity and empathy spark interest in others’ lives.

Maureen recalls the numerous positive feedback she’s received for MWM products such as Edjing Mix and Color Pop. She’s observed how users share their creations, passions, and challenges with others. She believes in the power of apps that facilitate genuine connections and expressions of curiosity and empathy that will make the world stronger.

Maureen (Customer Success Manager): There was feedback about a child learning how to play “Happy birthday” on our Piano app to surprise their mom as a birthday gift! The words ‘interest’ and ‘empathy’ resonate deeply with me.

For Maureen, empathy stands the important value, which aligns with MWM's vision: technology should offer meaningful and magical experiences for people, not just exist for its own technological sake.

Harmonizing User Experience, Business Strategy, and Sustainability

Paul (ASO Manager): Another factor I consider vital is the sustainability of the product. Can its monetization strategy and business model ensure its value to users over time?
Lucas (Lead Ad Monetization): User experience is a key factor for an app’s success. It should be intuitive and user-friendly. That's why, my team ensures our advertising experiences are both relevant and smooth for our users.
Edwin (Product Manager): For a product to truly shine, It must strike a balance between the best user experience and a well-thought-out business strategy.

Several MWM employees also emphasized the ingredients for a successful product. On the monetization front, sustainability is key to delivering long-term value while preserving the exceptional user experience.

Lastly, Kevin captures perhaps the most heartfelt metric of an app’s success.

Kevin (Lead Unity): A successful product is one I will show to my friends and family because I'm proud of it.

If our products significantly enhance users' lives, including those of our friends and family, it becomes a source of pride.

While it's common to measure an app’s success through quantitative KPIs, hearing what our team thinks was insightful. It just shows how much we all want to make a positive difference for our users.

And that’s the heart of MWM’s mission. We remain dedicated to crafting “successful” apps that are user-friendly, create genuine value, with a human touch at its core.