Welcome to MWM: Unpacking Madness


Welcome to MWM: Unpacking Madness

Welcome to the MWM journey, an adventure of exploration and innovation, fueled by a sprinkle of madness. Born in 2012 from the mind of Jean-Baptiste Hironde, MWM has grown into a mobile app titan. We've conceived over 50 apps that bridge music, art, photography, and video. Our success stems from our in-house R&D department, a team of experts in Machine Learning and AI who are always innovating and pushing technological boundaries. With over 600 million downloads worldwide, we're not just hitting big numbers. We're breaking barriers, forging new paths, and redefining standards.

From best in music to best in innovation

We've grown and evolved. We saw our original name, Music World Media, no longer fit the expanse of our vision.

While keeping the MWM DNA at core by maintaining the initials through which MWM has always been known and recognized, Made With Madness becomes the embodiment of the philosophy behind the name of MWM, in line with our present and future ambitions.

Madness is about the audacity to think differently, challenge the ordinary, make the impossible, possible. Aristotle once said that 'no brilliant mind has ever existed without a touch of madness. It’s the catalyst for great discoveries throughout history. This unconventional way of thinking leads to new perspectives and innovative ideas. Our DNA thrives on this madness, enabling us to craft unforgettable experiences for you. It's what shapes our brand's identity and strength.

Lolita Suleimanova, Head of Brand and Communications
“When I first stepped into MWM, I was astounded. It was a world where 'madness' was the norm, where cutting-edge research and in-house tech expertise were everyday affairs. With the rebranding we're not just changing our look, we're showcasing our essence.”

Why the rebranding? Because we've evolved, and our identity should too. We've been diving deeper into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, looking for groundbreaking innovations to unlock human potential. Our old brand identity didn't cover this new focus, so a rebrand was needed. Even though music was a big part of our story and still is, we're now doing so much more. We've ventured into new areas, and we needed a brand identity that showed our growth and diversity. 

This isn't just a new logo or a tagline - it's a reflection of our growth, our aspirations, our mission. 

We're here to make a mark, to push limits, to innovate, and above all, to empower individuals like you to unleash their full potential.

The MWM Touch: Our Logo

Our logo, the MWM touch, is an embodiment of our spirit of adventure and creativity. The galaxy at its center signifies our ever-expanding universe of apps, a boundless universe of opportunities to create new, mad experiences that our imagination cannot fully grasp. The simple app icon shape represents our commitment to bringing complex technologies to simplicity and user-friendliness. The human fingerprint at the center is a reminder of our mission to enhance human experiences, crafting technology that truly matters.

The MWM Kaleidoscope 

Ever played with a kaleidoscope? For us, it's a perfect metaphor for our mission. The kaleidoscope is a balance of precision and possibility, logic and creativity. It transforms ordinary light into extraordinary patterns, just like MWM does in the tech sphere: turning the complex into the simple, all with a touch of madness.

Charles Perrot, COO/CMO
“Imagine a kaleidoscope. Countless patterns, limitless potential - that's us at MWM. Our madness is a precise mechanism that drives our processes, shaping the way we function. Our madness is our method, transforming advanced tech into simple magic. Sounds bold? It's meant to be.”

Mission: Unlock human potential

At MWM, our mission is to 'Unlock Human Potential', a commitment that's deeply rooted in our exploration of technology and the realm of the seemingly impossible. We believe that every individual holds untapped potential and it's our mission to help unlock it with tools and experiences that were once considered 'mad' or unattainable. By harnessing the power of disruptive technology, we aim to break down barriers and open up new possibilities for people, empowering them to reach beyond their known limits. It's about making the impossible possible, transforming 'mad ideas' into tangible realities, and in doing so, helping individuals unlock their full potential. Through our innovative products and services, we strive to make advanced tech not only accessible but also a catalyst for personal growth and exploration.

Vision: Make advanced tech feel like simple magic

Our vision, "Make advanced tech feel like simple magic," encapsulates our commitment to transforming the complexities of disruptive technology into intuitive, user-friendly experiences that feel as effortless and enchanting as magic. This vision isn't solely about the transformation of advanced technology, it also underscores our commitment to purposeful innovation. We envision a world where technology isn't developed for its own sake, but designed to enrich and elevate the human experience. This vision is a pledge to create not just magical experiences through technology, but to ensure this magic brings meaningful, positive impacts to those who engage with our products and services. At MWM, we're dedicated to making advanced technology feel like simple magic, with a human touch at its core.

Impact: It’s about You

This rebranding isn't just about us, it's about you. Whether you're a customer, partner, or potential team member, you'll feel the change with exciting products, engaging content, and an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. As we move forward, we will continue to invest in research and development to introduce products that are not only advanced but also infused with our unique 'mad' perspective. Despite these impactful innovations, we remain dedicated to ensuring our products stay extremely accessible and user-friendly, in line with our mission to make advanced tech feel like simple magic. 

Jean-Baptiste Hironde, CEO
In the heart of every breakthrough, there's a touch of madness. That's our fuel at MWM. We've rebranded to capture this spark that keeps us pushing the envelope, defying norms. We dare to think differently, unlocking human potential and creating experiences that defy expectations. We're not just looking for talent. We're seeking pioneers ready to challenge the status quo. Are you one of them?